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Wolfgang Ambros and the Ambassade Orchestra Vienna: Ambros sings Moser

The Ambassade Orchestra Vienna and Wolfgang Ambros present melodies of the world famous Austrian singer, actor and cabaretist Hans Moser. From Die Reblaus to In da Kellergassen and Hallo Dienstmann every hit of this exceptional Austrian artist can be found on the CD, which even reached platin status.

Conductor: Christian Kolonovits

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  • CD
  • DVD World Premiere at the city theatre in Wiener Neustadt

José Carreras and the Ambassade Orchestra Vienna: Mediterranean Passion

Together with the Ambassade Orchestra Vienna, José Carreras recorded the CD Mediterranean Passion, special appearance by ist Gloria Estefan
Conductor: David Giménez

Ambassade Orchestra Vienna: Grüß mir mein Wien

Together with the conductor Dr. Rudolf Streicher the Ambassade Orchestra Vienna recorded famous Waltz and Operetta melodies. Star guests for this production were soprano Marcela Cerno and state opera tenor singer Herwig Pecoraro.
Conductor: Dr. Rudolf Streicher

Ambassade Orchestra Vienna: Leichtes Blut

This CD includes a wide range of well known waltz melodies and polkas. It can be used as Damenspende at balls, as well as as a Christmas Present or as a greeting from Austria for guest traveling to Vienna from abroad.
Conductor: Christian Schulz

Aleksey Igudesman and Ambassade Orchestra Vienna: Niemand glaubt

This Single-CD was recorded live in the Wiener Musikverein and presents music pieces composed by Aleksey Igudesman, which he interprets together with the Ambassade Orchestra Vienna, e.g. Niemand glaubt and Polka an der Wolga
Conductor: Christian Schulz

CD/DVD-Box: Peter and the Wolf – Willi Weitzel and the Ambassade Orchestra Vienna

The CD/DVD-Box includes an Audio-CD as well as a DVD, on which Willi Weitzel presents his own version of Peter and the wolf. A camera team has followed Willi Weitzel and the orchestra in order to answer the question how a music CD is produced and to provide many more interesting details.

Conductor: Guido Mancusi

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